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It is really important to keep your body healthy and in good shape, which includes weight. At our diet clinics we offer you help in form of customized diets which can help you achieve ideal weight.


Too much of body fat can also lead to health problems like blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance and blood clotting.

The problem of ideal weight lies in the fact that it should be unique for each person. Taking that into calculation has proven more than difficult. There are also other factors that need to be taken in such as gender, age, genetic dispositions and body frame.

In order to prevent high waist to hip ratio, it is important to have healthy lifestyle which includes correct food habits. Join our diet clinic where our dietitians are ready to help you with the right diet to keep your body healthy.

The calculated amount of water is just estimation for an average healthy person, there are other factors that should be taken into account such as health conditions, lifestyle, work and even weather.

You burn calories with every activity you do during a day. So if you want to burn more calories, you should be more active. That means taking a walk in the morning or at night, go for a run, do some sports. All these activities help you burn more calories.

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