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NeuroSpineAndPain Clinic  is not just an organization, but a collective, committed concept, of paving the way to a brighter future, and a life of independence, for individuals with incurable neurological disorders, through the combination of revolutionary regenerative medicine, holistic comprehensive neurorehabilitation and medical intervention.




To alleviate suffering and improve

the quality of life of patients

 To alleviate suffering & improve the quality of life of patients with incurable or intractable disorders & injury of the nervous system, by restoring functional abilities to a maximum possible, by extending a professional, holistic & caring manner, and to conduct basic & clinical research by constant work on innovation & development, so that the best therapeutic strategies can be evolved.



NeuroSpine And Pain is unwavering distinctiveness lies in its ability to combine seamlessly, the newest developments (stem cells) with conventional, tried and tested rehabilitation techniques. The amalgamation of the new and the old in the form of synergistic teamwork, all under one roof, enables our patients to hope, in an otherwise despondent condition, for the possibility of a better quality of life.

 To facilitate an overall well-being
for patients suffering

The primary aim is to facilitate an overall well-being for patients suffering from incurable neurological disorders through Neuroregenerative Rehabilitative Therapy (NRRT). In addition to the above, providing support to cellular therapy research & regenerative medicine and increasing awareness about its applications are supplementary objectives






The cell therapy is the finest medical breakthrough in

 history. It has bagged the much acclaimed Nobel

Prize in Medicine in the year 2012. This miracle

 medical therapy has leveraged and firmly

positioned India in the field of medical science

worldwide. Cell therapy has changed medical

 perception of ‘Incurable Neurological Disorders’ 

and has broken all shackles.



Rehabilitation therapy is the key to ensuring improvement. Our therapy schedule is adjusted to meet the needs of every individual case with the combined input from a core team of neurosurgeon, neurologist, physiotherapists, neuropediatric therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, aquatic therapist, psychologist, dietitian, and/or the caregivers.With achievable and set goals, it gives patients hope and encouragement required to achieve increased mobility that results in increased independence and a better quality of lif




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What is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular Dystrophy encompasses a group of genetic disorders which are characterised by progressive loss of muscle mass and subsequent weakness. Dystrophy is coined from the Greek word which essentially means ‘bad nourishment’.

Early detection of muscular dystrophy started with a study by Sir Charles Bell, on the increasing weakness of the muscles of young boys, in 1830. This study on Muscular Dystrophy talks about a set of less than 30 genetic diseases that can lead to an alarming rate of increasing weakness of skeletal muscles applied through all voluntary movements. All these different ailments differ through the arrival stage, seriousness and prototype of muscles that are affected. All the manifestations of muscular dystrophy worsens as the muscles continually deteriorates and starts to weaken, and hence, it is considered as a “progressive muscular disorder”


When a group of disorders present at birth, most likely due to a malfunction of a single gene, interferes with muscle veracity, it causes muscular dystrophy. An inaccurate coding by the dystrophin gene that provides the protein code needed for muscle tissue formation is the cause of MD

Muscle weakness is generally caused when the cells that are used to sustain the muscles are no longer capable for their functionality. This, furthermore, leads to increasing weak points of the muscles and its disorder. The causes of Muscular dystrophy are as follows:









Cellular Therapy

ABA Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Spinal Cord Injury walking track

Sensory Integration

Speech Therapy

Psychological Intervention

Special Education

Art-based Therapy

Diet counselling

Group Therapy/
Motivational workshop



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