Neck pain and Chakkar (cervical ) 

Neck pain is a common problem,90% of population have it at some time in life. Though chakkar is not usually due to cervical.

Common causes

Muscle strains: Due to overuse and poor posture, like long driving posture, prolonged use of, mobile phones or reading in stooped posture in bed.

Worn Joints: Joints in neck undergo wear and tear.

Nerve compression: Disc herniation or bone osteophyte formation in neck vertebrae can press on the nerves leading to pain.

Whiplash injuries: Head is jerked backward and forward

 Systemic Diseases: Arthritis, tuberculosis, Cancer pain, ankylosing spondylosis and fibromyalgia



  • Dull aching pain, worsened with neck movement. It is sometimes associated with tingling, numbness or tenderness of upper limbs. There may be difficulty in swallowing or dizziness/ light-headedness.
  • This pain may be associated with facial pain, headache or shoulder pain.

Types of pain

Acute neck pain: At Home patient may apply heating pads or ice packs as counter pain relievers.



Chronic neck pain: If pain is prolonged over days and weeks a pain specialist needs to be consulted. The exact cause of pain needs to be ascertained and treated after investigations.







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